Special Election 2012 Issue of the Progressive – Now Out!

With the election less than a week away, pick up a copy of the new issue of a special “ELECTION 2012″ November 2012 issue of the CP all around campus!

Within this issue…

- Editor-in-Chiefs Roxana Amirahmadi ’13 and Ian Cohen ’14 argue why we all need to pay more attention to Congress

- Jonathan Yuan ’14 analyzes why Mitt Romney is “The Best of the Worst”

- James Miner ’13 and Nathan Gelb-Dyller focuses on an issue that was largely ignored this election cycle – policies toward Climate Change and the Environment

- Reem Khondakar ’16 takes a critical look at Mitt Romney’s foreign policy stances, or lack thereof

- A snapshot of what Cornellians around the campus believe to be the most important issue to them this election cycle in the latest edition of “Cornellian Convictions”

…and much more!

Cornell Progressive – November 2012

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