The Cornell Progressive originally began as Turn Left, which has an excellent website that is the source of the pre-2007 files below. Visitors can find a wealth of articles, polls and artwork from talented student journalists, activists and political analysts in the PDFs below.


April 2014- (Volume XIV, Issue VII)

March 2014- (Volume XIV, Issue VI)

February 2014- (Volume XIV, Issue V)

January 2014- (Volume XIV, Issue IV)

November 2013- (Volume XIV, Issue III)

October 2013- (Volume XIV, Issue II)

September 2013- (Volume XIV, Issue I)


May 2013- (Volume VIII, Issue VIII)

April 2013- (Volume XIII, Issue VII)

March 2013- (Volume XIII, Issue VI)

February 2013- (Volume XIII, Issue V)

December 2012 – (Volume XIII, Issue IV)

November 2012 (Volume XIII, Issue III)

October 2012 (Volume XIII, Issue II)

August 2012 (Volume XIII, Issue I)


May 2012 (Volume XII, Issue VIII)

April 2012 (Volume XII, Issue VII)

March 2012 (Volume XII, Issue VI)

February 2012 (Volume XII, Issue V)

December 2011 (Volume XII, Issue IV)

November 2011 (Volume XII, Issue III)

October 2011 (Volume XII, Issue II)

 August 2011 (Volume XII, Issue I)


May, 2011 (Volume XI, Issue VIII)

 April, 2011 (Volume XI, Issue VII)

March, 2011 (Volume XI Issue VI)

February, 2011 (Volume XI, Issue V)

November, 2010 (Volume XI, Issue IV)

October, 2010 (Issue XI, Article III)

 September, 2010 (Volume XI, Issue II)

 August, 2010 (Volume XI, Issue I)


 May, 2010 (Volume X, Issue IX)

March/April, 2010 (Volume X, Issue VIII)

February, 2010 (Volume X, Issue VII)

January, 2010 (Volume X, Issue VI)

December, 2009 (Volume X, Issue V)

November, 2009 (Volume X, Issue IV)

October, 2009 (Volume X, Issue III)

The Cornell Progressive’s only special election issue preceded the only time a Democrat has been elected during the newspapers’ existence.

September, 2009 (Volume X, Issue II)

August, 2009 (Volume X, Issue I)


May, 2009 (Volume IX, Issue X)

April, 2009 (Volume IX, Issue IX)

March, 2009 (Volume IX, Issue VIII)

February, 2009 (Volume IX, Issue VII)

February, 2009 (Volume IX, Issue VI)

December, 2008 (Volume IX, Issue V)

October, 2008 (Volume IX, Issue IV: Special Election Issue)

October, 2008 (Volume IX, Issue III)

August, 2008 (Volume IX, Issue I)


The cover of Turn Left’s September, 2005 issue which was largely focused on the destruction of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans.

May, 2008 (Volume VIII, Issue VIII)

April, 2008 (Volume VIII, Issue VII)

March, 2008 (Volume VIII, Issue VI)

February, 2008 (Volume VIII, Issue V)

November, 2007 (Volume VIII, Issue IV)

October, 2007 (Volume VIII, Issue III)

September, 2007 (Volume VIII, Issue II)

August 2007 (Volume VIII, Issue I)


November, 2006 (Volume VII, Issue II)


March, 2006 (Volume VI, Issue VI)

December, 2005 (Volume VI, Issue IV)

October, 2005 (Volume VI, Issue III)

The cover of Turn Left in February, 2003, shortly before the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

September, 2005 (Volume VI, Issue II)

August, 2005 (Volume VI, Issue I)


May, 2005 (Volume V Issue IX)

April, 2005 (Volume V Issue VIII)

March, 2005 (Volume V Issue VII)

March, 2005 (Volume V Issue VI)

February, 2005 (Volume V Issue V)

November, 2004 (Volume V Issue IV)

October, 2004 (Volume V Issue III)

September, 2004 (Volume V Issue II)

September, 2004 (Volume V Issue I)


April, 2004 (Volume IV, Issue IV)

February, 2004 (Volume IV, Issue III)

December, 2003 (Volume IV, Issue II)

October, 2003 (Volume IV, Issue I)

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