First Issue of 2013-2014 Out Now!

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Included in the September Issue:

-Amy Frieder ’15 discusses racial gaps 50 years after MLK’s iconic march

-Ian Cohen ’14 explores economic and social immobility in America

-Aaron Bhole ’16 dives into environmental concerns over Cayuga Lake

-Nathan Gelb-Dyller ’16 gives his take on Obama’s options in Syria

-Reem Khondakar ’16 analyzes the civil rights issues behind stop-and-frisk

…and more!

Cornell Progressive-September 2013

Last Issue of 2012-13 Out Now!

Included in the May Issue:

Cornell Prog May

-Jonathan Yuan ’14 discusses a recent talk by Cornell alum and co-host of MSNBC’s “The Cycle,”  S.E Cupp, on conservative ideology

-Nathan Gelb-Dyller ’16 analyzes the growing ineptitude of the GOP

-Matthew Lynch’14  explores former British PM Margaret Thatcher’s controversial legacy

-Reem Khondakar ’16 discusses the state of higher education with Cornell Professor Suzanne Mettler

-Aaron Bhole ’16 explores social media activism and the LGBTQ community

-”The Heretical Confessor” gives his take on Christian fundamentalism and conservative policies

…and more!

Cornell Progressive- May 2013

April Issue- Out Now!

Included in the April Issue:

April Issue 2013

-Matthew Lynch’14  discusses the new Cornell Roosevelt Initiative to introduce political writing to high school students in Ithaca

-Reem Khondakar ’16 reports on Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison’s March visit to Cornell

-Amy Frieder ’15 analyzes the politics of Syria’s dire state, “beyond a humanitarian issue”

-Jonathan Yuan ’14 investigates Asian-American disillusionment with the GOP

-Ian Cohen ’13 explores the efficacy of minimum wage policy

…and more!

Cornell Progressive – April 2013

March Issue Out Now!

Cover Page March

Included in the March Issue:

-Nathan Gelb-Dyller ’16 analyzes the January 23rd lift on the ban on women in combat positions

-The Cornell Progressive’s first ever “Sex Spread,” by Matthew Lynch ’14, discusses male birth control, Representative Todd Akin (R-MI) versus modern science, and more!

-James Miner ’13 explores both sides of the controversial debate on hydraulic fracking

-Jihoon Lim ’16 takes a closer look at the demographics behind immigration policy

-Reem Khondakar ’16 discusses former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s legacy, so far.

…and more!

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Cornell Progressive- March 2013

First Issue of 2013- Out Now!

The February 2013 Issue of The Cornell Progressive is out now!

Included in the first issue of the semester:Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 1.39.37 PM

-Matthew Lynch ’14 explores the Newton Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the NRA’s National Emergency Response program

-Reem Khondakar ’16 analyzes America’s Violence Against Women Act in light of India’s recent rape cases

-Nathan Gelb-Dyller ’16 discusses the symbolic significance of the UN recognition of Palestine as a nonmember observer state

-Could the 112th Congress really be “the worst congress” in American history? And could NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signing of the SAFE act change gun control legislation in other states? Editors-in-chief Jonathan Yuan ’14 and Ian Cohen ’14 give their takes on the issues here.

Read here, or pick up a copy on campus!  Cornell Progressive – February 2013