February Issue – Out Now!

Included in the February Issue:

Carter Brown ’17 covers the remaining environmental impact of Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami

Vrinda Jagota ’15 discusses Jennifer Lawrence and body image

Amanda Aragon ’15 analyzes the Port Authority’s shutdown of lanes on the George Washington Bridge and Chris Christie as a presidential hopeful

Jonathan Jaffe ’15 discusses the delicate issue of life-support for pregnant patients

…and more!


First Issue of Spring ’14 – Out Now!

Included in the January Issue:

-Sam Naimi ’16 covers recent victories and continuing challenges for the LGBT community

-Tsee Yung Lee ’02 discusses religion’s involvement in New York City politics

-Gabi Lustig ’17 analyzes the six referendums on the New York state ballot

-Amanda Aragon ’15 covers abortion politics in Texas

-Jonathan Jaffe ’15 explores the Employment Non-Discrimination Act,

…and more!


November Issue – Out Now!

Included in the November Issue:

-Amanda Aragon ’15 explains who Malala Yousafzai is and why she received a Nobel Peace Prize

-Carter Brown ’17 discusses what newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani means for Iran

-Alok Nimgaonkar ’17 covers the debt ceiling and government shutdown

-Gabi Lustig ’17 analyzes the present state of Detroit

-Evan Harley Janssens ’17 discusses the Obama administration’s foreign policy in regard to Syria

…and more!


October Issue – Out Now!

Included in the October Issue:

-Gabrielle Lustig ’17 covers the New York City mayoral race

-Jon Yuan ’14 discusses his experiences while studying abroad in China

-Amanda Aragon ’15 explains the history-making US v. Windsor case

-Filip Kan ’15 explores the issue of hefty student loans

-Amy Frieder ’15 analyzes whether the US should continue to provide military aid to Egypt

…and more!